Welcome! I am a data scientist and international development researcher scientist currently working for the Development Data Lab. I work with very large datasets and an array of tools and techniques to extract meaning from messy and complex data.

I often use Python, Stata, Matlab, R, and QGIS; my work relies on statistical programming and causal inference, as well as classification and regression algorithms and geospatial techniques. I also do front-end visualization work, both in statistical languages and web apps including the use of D3.js, Django, and various other fun things. For a more comprehensive representation of my skills, please see my CV or my Github.

I am inspired by: justice, causality, machine learning, human learning, altruism, relationships (human and otherwise), kindness, and wonder. I'm interested in finding ways to leave the world better than we found it, as I believe most people are.

Toby Lunt

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