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Senate financing

Senate cash

Everyone knows that money is the lifeblood of politics, and that those with more of it have a bigger influence on our national political economy than those who don’t. But how are our representatives doing? Who is bankrolling their campaigns? I build a webapp, from soup to nuts, to find out.

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Planking ends

Plank ends

In order to access the forefoot, we had to remove eight courses of planking at their leading edges - where the forwardmost points of the planks attach to the spine of the boat. Here, we splice and install new mahogany to replace these key bits.

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Replacing the Forefoot

Old forefoot

The forefoot is an essential piece of Ariadne’s structural timber - a 14’ long section of her backbone. The forefoot was totally shot - full of splits and dry rot; it could be pierced all the way through with a knife at multiple points along its length.

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Floor Timbers


After getting Ariadne into her new home, we decided to first embark on replacing a few of her floor timbers. The floor timbers are essential structural members that tie the backbone to the rest of the boat.

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